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We obtain financial information to analyze corporate effectiveness.

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Let us get you covered with all your fraud and fraud related events. 

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Accounting Service

Amarbs Business Advisory is endowed with the requisite professionals that will ensure the accuracy of financial data and documents as well as their compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. We will be responsible for reconciling the company’s bank statements and bookkeeping ledgers, completing analysis of the employee expenditures, managing income and expenditures, examining and analyzing a company’s accounts and ensuring compliance with financial reporting and other standardized accounting procedures. We are well versed with the accounting for the tax returns of our clients’ firms and ensuring taxes are paid properly and on time. It also means we can focus on new opportunities and dynamic solutions to enhance performance and profitability.

Website Development

Amarbs Business Advisory staff also avail themselves for company official website, social media accounts, corporate email for the company and staff. We designed all type of website including but not limited to e-commerce website, organization websites, schools website, blogging sites with integrated search engine optimization, and high traffic generation systems installed on your site for your firm to meet potential customers.

Audit Service

Amarbs Business Advisory assess companies’ operations and review their records to assess whether financial statement represents the true and fair view of the organization. We offer services to clients facing turnover in their accounting department or significant growth by preparing the year-end financial statement and audited financial statement. Fulfilling your statutory requirements is the lifeblood of the organization, whether you need help with account preparation and reconciliations, preparing journals and ledgers, call Amarbs Business Advisory to help meet the demands so you can keep up with your day-to-day operations. We avail ourselves in evaluating financial operations, identify issues and strategize solutions.

Graphic Design

As a business advisory, we consider the overall wellbeing of our clients by initiating a professional outlook of them. Professional graphic presentation of the company optimized the marketing efforts of the company across all channels. Our team specialized in corporate logo designs, professional letterheads, authentic staff identity cards, business cards to mention but few. We can also handle all your social media handles (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, etc.), run online marketing advertisement to promote your business.

Forensic Accounting

We analyze financial data to look for evidence of financial theft engineered by employees, customers, or outsiders. We have competent professional who are well equipped with the knowledge and skills on how to collect evidence of a financial crime, interview third-party witnesses and testify as an expert witness. We unveil financial manipulation by performing extremely detailed research and analysis of financial data for your organization.

Software Consultancy

Amarbs assists companies in modernizing its operation by evaluating effectiveness and maximizing the performance of existing accounting and financial reporting systems. We ensures that accounting software recommended, correctly manages each accounting transactions, verify that the system can adequately handle any rare entries that the accountant need to make, and can effectively runs reports to evaluate the current financial situation of our clients.

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