Accounting Department

Our staff will be responsible for reconciling the company’s bank statements and bookkeeping ledgers, completing analysis of the employee expenditures, managing income and expenditures, examining and analyzing a company’s accounts and ensuring compliance with financial reporting and other standardized accounting procedures.
We are well versed with the accounting for the tax returns of our clients’ firms and ensuring taxes are paid properly and on time. It also means we can focus on new opportunities and dynamic solutions to enhance performance and profitability.

AMARBS, “Ideas That Maximize Your Business Value”

Our Accounting Services

Bookkeeping Services

We will help your firm record its day-to-day financial transactions and help track spending, and monitor income.

Accounts Payable/ Receivable Service

Our professionals can record and analyze how much money you owe suppliers and customer's outstanding balances.

Bank Reconciliation Services

Let AMARBS ensure accuracy of your firm's financial records by matching accounting records with the bank statement periodically.

Financial Statement

We compile and prepare comprehensive financial statement for your firm(Profit/Loss Account, Cashflow Statement, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, etc.

Tax Service

Let us prepare and file your tax returns to authority. We will ensure you pay the correct amount of tax and provides advice on how to minimize your tax laiblity.

Payroll Services

We will draw your employee compensation plan, execute payroll expenditure schedules and prepare employee withholding taxes.

Consultancy Service

Our team will guide you to get better understanding of the business and help in maximizing your business value

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